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Finding quest authors publish quest posts

I wanted to share this because I thought it was something cool and maybe someone from my audience may be interested in it…

Why Guest Blog?

Just like submitting articles to article directories, guest blogging can immensely impact your blog in a good way.
  • First of all, you get a free backlink from your author info when your post is published on another blog. Backlinks are crucial for any blog’s good rankings
  • It increases your traffic, since the people reading your post on that other blog might follow you through your link
  • It builds up your credibility. Having published posts on many blogs will improve your credibility, which you can use to submit some more guest posts, or apply for a writing job etc
  • It reduces your workload if you allow guest posting on your blog. You’ll only need to review a post and publish it, rather than writing one from scratch
There are other many reasons why you should guest post. Read our post on Guest Blogging to learn more about the pros of guest blogging


If you want more info please go to this site


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