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How To Create Great Content And Attract Traffic To Your Blog

If you are new to blogging you will probably find that you have two main challenges. The first one is thinking up ideas for your blog content and the second one is attracting readers to your blog. In this article I will cover 10 different ways for creating content and attracting traffic.

First, here are a few ideas for content for yourblog.

1) Write about current affairs. Look for the latest news about your niche and comment on it. If something is in the news there are likely to be a lot of people interested in the topic and searching for more information on it.

2) Review a product or service – find a product or service related to your niche and write an honest review of it. You can monetize these reviews with your affiliate link.

3) Use PLR Articles for inspiration – If you have writer’s block you can easily buy a cheap pack of PLR articles related to your niche. Be sure to rewrite them and add your own personal spin to them to ensure that the content you are adding to your blog is as unique as possible.

4) Invite Guest Posters – even though you are the owner of the blog that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to write all the content for the blog. You may want to consider inviting other bloggers in your niche to write for you.

You will need to add good content to your blog regularly and drive traffic to it if you want to earn a good income from blogging.So, how do you go about getting visitors to your Blog?

Here are a few tips forgetting visitors to your blog.

5) Publish your RSS feed link and put a subscribe button on your blog. This will help you to get repeat visitors.

6) Visit other related blogs and leave comments along with a link to your website. This can result in visitors from other blogs coming to your website.

7) Add your blog to some blog directories. There are lots of blog directories online and if you submit your blog to them this will give you some backlinks.

8) Use Social Marketing – take advantage of social sites such as Twitter and Facebook to increase the readership of your blog.

9) Guest Post. Contact other blog owners in your niche and ask if you can do a guest post for their blog. If you target popular blogs this should get you some traffic and a permanent backlink to your blog.

10) Get involved in online communities – interact with people in your niche in online forums or social sites. Many of these allow you to have a signature containing a link to your website so it can be a great way to drive contacts.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas for attracting more traffic and creating more content for your blog. If you are persistent you will see your traffic grow as you put these steps into action.

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