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What I did to start blogging!

I’ve been busy, busy! That’s LIFE. Well, busy, busy with researches.  If you haven’t read some of my posts yet, I’m researching social media and all that good stuff that comes along with it. =)

So far, it’s been a little of this and a little of that.  There is a lot to take in, so don’t worry; take a step at a time.

Sometime in the next 2 week, I will start posting once a week on a topic about Business Blogging.  It’s going to be a step by step process on what I did first to that and that and so forth.

Anyway, read the following for clues to what might be our first topic…

If I Started Today

partyOkay, so you’ve heard from someone that this social media and social networking stuff is great and you should get involved, and it’s really going to help you out. Maybe it will help you in the economic downturn. Maybe you have heard how you can use Twitter for business. But there’s a lot to it all.

Where would you start? What would come first? How might you think about getting out there and joining in on the experience? Read More….Click Me!


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