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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

What I did to start blogging!

I’ve been busy, busy! That’s LIFE. Well, busy, busy with researches.  If you haven’t read some of my posts yet, I’m researching social media and all that good stuff that comes along with it. =) So far, it’s been a little of this and a little of that.  There is a lot to take in, …

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How to Filter your Gmail like a Pro!!

I’m starting to like Google Chrome!!!!  Thanks to Todd Lohenry, I’ve learned of and like all the great features and programs that comes along with it…for free!  One awesome feature Gmail offer is combining your multiple email accounts into one. Its great, but sometime its just too much stuff in your inbox and…what to do?…Well, don’t worry! …

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Gist + Gmail = Social Profiles

I wanted to know a little more about Gist.. so I’ve been youtubeing and googleing.. and this is one of many that I thought it was helpful. Hope you enjoy and feel free to follow the link below for more… click for more! Related articles Using Gmail with your own domain ( Now Add Your …

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Social Media in Google Reader!

I found out from my instructor that Google Reader can send post/blogs to WordPress. Pretty cool!! So I thought that I should share this. It’s simple…First, Log into Google Reader, go to reader setting…Second, click ‘Send To,’ click on ‘Create a custom link’ Third, input the info NAME & URL (name is your site name …

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WOW!!! Fascinating!

I found this video on, Ideas worth spreading. Thought that this was interesting… how ideas are so advance nowadays!!! If you didn’t see up close would you have realize that its a robot bird?  WOW! ^_^ Related articles Technology Idols: Throughout Europe Datapath technology is being used to provide high quality and creative displays …

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