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Social Media ^_^

Good evening, everybody!  If you haven’t notice already by my earlier posts, lately, I’m working on social media.   I’m also taking Social Media classes too.  So, I will update what I learn and post it up for those who are interested.  Yay!!! Social media “is” fun.

One of the classes focuses on Google, The Basics & Beyond.  First, download Google Chrome.  Second, using your Google Chrome browser, create a unique Gmail account.  Third, log into your Gmail account and from there you will have access to Google Reader, Google Calendar and many more.  All you would have to do is go to the Chrome Web Store to add as much FREE Apps and tools.  Yes! I did say “FREE”  Apps and tools!

One big reason I like Google Chrome is because I can control my other emails too, just by linking them into my Gmail.  With this, I can see all my emails from other emails in one place.  Second, with Google Reader, I can link my WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter all together in one place.  For the past few days, I’ve done most of my posts and blogs in Google Reader.  I’ve learned that it’s the #1 place to be and so far…it is!! 🙂 So I would recommend downloading Google Chrome and if you are interested in the social media classes, please check it out in the NWTC website for more information.

Well, I’ve seen many social media mind-mapping and I like the above social media mind-map much more than the others.  It’s a lot like how I’m doing now.  The social media measurable would be Google Chrome to me.  I hope you enjoy and gain some information from my post.  Please reply and let me know your experiences as well.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the your evening indoor with your AC on because it’s really humid out!  Again, have a great night!  

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