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Short Story of the Week

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This is my “short story of life @ work” for this week….

So, I’m trying to get this HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer to run wireless.  I was on this for almost 3 days and I was losing my mind.  First, let’s back track so you know what happen before and why I’m having this wireless issue.

There are many office rooms within this building.  Everyone shares the same network and everyone has the same password for it.  Well, the printer was working fine before and the wireless was working GREAT… until…One day, I receive a few printouts that didn’t belong to me. I found out that the next door neighbor had a similar printer.  They fixed the problem quick because I stop receiving their papers.

A few weeks later both our printers CAN’T print wireless anymore!  I thought to myself.. okay..whatever…I’ll just try to figure it out.  During these 3 days, well, I keep coming to the same error.  Error says “Attention: More than one access point/wireless router has been found that matches your wireless network name (SSID). If this is not intended, you HP printer may connect to the wrong wireless network.  To avoid this, change your wireless network name (SSID) to be unique. If you change your network name, you will need to configure the SSID on all wireless devices to match your new network SSID.”  I found out that there was this update pop-up that show up on the printer’s monitor.  I guessed it must have updated and mess up with the setup.  I call HP Tech, re-install, talked to my neighbor and they talked to HP Tech and…nothing! I’m telling you…I tried almost everything…still nothing works.

My neighbors were having a bad time with it too and decided to give-up for now and just use the plug.  But ‘me’….No, I wanted to get it fixed and I wasn’t losing my patient yet…So, thanks to having good friends and cousins, I got the wireless to work! ^_^

How I got it to work?! Well, I re-install and used my office router for wireless, so that means I would always have to make sure I’m connected to my office router if I want to print wireless and not the buildings.  Yay!!!!

………….And this is the story of the week!………



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